From that premise I will accompany you towards your goal in a conscious, serene and constant way; for you to discover and effectively get the transformation you need. 
We will do this by integrating your story, achievements, losses, and challenges. Likewise, I will focus on the observer that you are and we will detect, for example, what makes you vulnerable and what makes you strong. 
Through a technique that combines Life Coaching with a systemic approach, we are going to deepen your belief system to distinguish what makes you evolve and what does not, what belongs to you and what you have acquired. 

“It was a pleasure to have taken sessions with Edna. Her excellent manners, and ability to empathize generate a loving atmosphere that made me possible and easy to expose everything I needed to pay attention to. I strongly recommend her! She provides a feeling of relief and full well-being! Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your company, your expertise and attention.”

María Delia

"Edna is a luxury Coach, as sensitive as kind, unique and supportive as few human beings l had met, empathizing all the time. She really helped by always contributing with great respect and modesty to find solutions together. Thank you! and I know that whenever I need it I can always count on you."


"On the list of my five daily thanks, having met Edna is one of them. Her input was very valuable to me."


"I had been stuck in a professional and personal crisis for years. I thought I knew the reasons, but I couldn't get out of it. Working with Edna led me to change my observer and from there, I was able to take the leap I needed. In short, she was able to show me what I had been needing to see for a long time. Thank you!"


"Edna is a professional who keeps you on the surface while you can't go deeper, but at the same time accompanying you with full empathy, until you can get to the core of what challenges you. The blend between academic training and wisdom of life make her so efficient in the achievments with her coachees."


"Although I knew that my tendency to procrastinate was a permanent annoyance - in every area of my life - the therapeutic work carried out with Edna managed to get me out of that kind of lethargy. I thought it would be just one more therapy, but fortunately I was wrong."


"Edna has a way of applying a technique that shows an unusual training in terms of achieving results. She can be like a "surgeon" when it is necessary: ​​that imprint of hers, made me stop repetitions that had been taking away my possibility of living in harmony"


"She has always been present, just by my side. She never abandoned me in very critical moments. Edna enabled me to contact her even on holidays, weekends, etc., in case of emergency. I continue my therapeutic process with her and I feel like I am finally finding myself."


"Working with her showed me how to free myself from old belief systems and ancestral ties. I feel deep gratitude, because Edna accompanied me to find my genuine well-being"